Beauty Prep for Wedding Day!

Beauty Prep for Wedding Day!

SSA Beauty

For today’s blog, we talked with Caroline and Brooke from SSA Beauty Bar about how brides can best prep for their wedding day. SSA stands for Southern Surgical arts. They are located in Ooltewah and have a beautiful space with blue accents. Caroline and Brooke state they are  very lucky to work with this awesome company. They said they have everything they need to take care of their patients.

Beauty Prep for Wedding Day

Caroline's Recommendations

Many brides want to look their best and feel their best for wedding day. Here are some recommendations that Caroline wanted to share with all the brides out there! If you are wanting to do injections before the big day, Caroline recommended starting 3-4 months in advance. All the neurotoxins last a few months but they take two weeks to take full effect. She recommended starting this early so that they can get your dosage right in time for your wedding day. When talking about fillers, Caroline also recommended starting this process 3-4 months in advance. Worst case scenario, you can start this process 2 weeks before the event. 

Brooke's Recommendations

Some people are nervous the first time they go to one of these places so Brooke recommends these people start with a hydro facials or a facial. These facials give you an awesome glow and clean out your pores. getting started on a good skin care is very important when prepping for your wedding day! Brooke recommends starting this process at least 3-4 months before but the sooner you start, the better. Another thing that many brides have gone to Brooke for is tattoo removal. Some brides decide they don’t want their tattoo to show on their wedding day so they want to get it removed. She recommends starting this early because it will take several sessions. 

These women at SSA Beauty Bar are trained professionals and they are amazing at what they do! It is super important to find people you trust so that you can feel and look the best on your wedding day! Caroline and Brooke do what they do so that they can help women feel confident and amazing! 

SSA Beauty Bar Bridal Packages

Call SSA Beauty Bar today at (423)490-7546 to set up a complimentary consultation and talk with them  about their new bridal packages!  Start prepping for your wedding day so that you can feel amazing day-of! You won’t want to miss out on this! the bridal packages that SSA has to offer are listed below! 

Bridal Boot Camp – $4,000

12 Months Before Wedding Day

-Hydrafacial -12 treatments ($2388)

-IPL – 6 treatments ($1794)

-Halo – ($1200)

-Botox/Xeomin 60 units ($719.40)


Picture Perfect Wedding Day – $2,300

9  Months Before Wedding Day

-Laser Hair removal for Bikini & Underarm- 6 treatments ($1,188)

-Hydradfacial & Dermaplaning – 6 treatments ($1,374)

-Botox/Xeomin 60 units ($719.40)


Happily Ever After – $1600

6 months Before Wedding Day

-Hydrafacial & Dermaplaning – 3 treatments ($747)

-Microneedling with PRP -1 treatment ($899)

– Botox/Xeomin 60 units ($719.40)


Pretty Little Bride – $1400

3 months Before Wedding Day

-Hydrafacial & Dermaplaning – 2 treatment ($498)

-Microneedling with PRP- 1 treatment ($899)

-Botox/Xeomin 60 units ($719.40)


*We can customize a package for you based off your personal needs decided with your care providers.

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