Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2019

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2019

Oh, Bonnaroo Music Festival 2019! Where to start?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype around Bonnaroo.

“It’s the most magical place.”

“It’s SO much fun.”

“You’ll never want to leave.”

Well, it’s all true my friends. I had all of these thoughts cross my mind before leaving the farm of fun! 

I’ve been to Bonnaroo once before in 2013. All the best things were still the same and they’ve even made some improvements!

First of all, there are showers and real bathrooms now!

Also, the food vendors were on point….. frozen Pina Colada’s with steak fajitas?! Sign me up! 

bonnaroo music festival 2019

The Camping at Bonnaroo 2019

We camped in Pod 11. Our campsite was the size of Karlee’s Ford Focus + a few feet!

We were able to fit a tent and easy up!  Karlee and I brought every battery-powered light and tapestry we had at the house.

Naturally, I was very concerned about the aesthetics of our home for the weekend. We had a tropical, boho theme going! A side of me I never get to indulge in planning weddings! Haha. 

We had some super friendly neighbors coming in from all over the states. Unfortunately, I didn’t win this Uno game, but I’m coming for you next time, Ben. 

 After the game, we packed up and headed towards CenterRoo about a mile away.

Don’t forget anything though because it is a LOOONNNGG run back. Haha.

There is an option to hop on some really fun rides though! 

Do you remember being at the playground when you were a kid?

Everyone running in all directions with the biggest smile on their faces having the best time of their lives. That’s what walking into CenterRoo is like.

I mean come on, they have a ferris wheel AND a water slide!!! Yes, Bonnaroo music festival 2019!

The Music at Bonnaroo 2019

We saw tons of bands! Everyone keeps asking me who my favorite was, and that’s easy for me. Odesza has AN AMAZING light show and the drumline is badass!! I thought I loved them when I saw them at Beale Street Music Festival, but now I really love them.

At Bonnaroo music festival 2019, I also enjoyed AJRGrizChildish GambinoGirl TalkPost MaloneGramatikZHUTrampled by TurtlesLil DickyThe LumineersCardi B, and several DJ’s I don’t remember the name of. Sorry guys! 

All the stages have a different vibe. The diversity of music coming in from the full spectrum of genres was really awesome! I spent a good amount of time at The Other tent. Those EDM DJ’s just really get my dance hype. 

I didn’t get very many pictures because I was living my best life! If you’ve never been, you’re missing out! 100% worth every penny. 


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