COVID-19: Elope Now, Party Later!

COVID-19: Elope Now, Party Later!

COVID-19 & The Wedding Industry!

Since COVID-19 has come about, the wedding industry has adapted alongside with it! From deciding to move forward with original wedding plans as precatuions are taken, to rescheduling, to eloping now and partying later, there are so many ways that love has prevailed during this time. 

Wildflower Weddings: Real Couple!

We sat down with Wildflower bride, Julia Schifani Whitworth, to talk about her and her now husband’s experience with wedding planning during COVID-19!

Julia and Tyler’s original wedding date was May 9, 2020!  They had everything all set and ready to go for their big day at Howe Farms Vineyard Barn Venue. 

Upon the arrival of COVID-19 Julia and Tyler wanted to take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of their guests and ultimately decided to postpone the wedding.  That being said, the couple had an attachment to their original date; they had been waiting for over a year already to be wed on the date of May 9th.  

So what did the pair do? 

They decided to elope now and party later! 

The couple celebrated on May 9th with an intimate crowd of 14 friends and family members. 


What does "Elope Now, Party Later" Mean?

The idea of eloping now and partying later is genius! 

If a couple decides to elope now and party later, the plan is to go ahead and legally get married ahead of time with a small ceremony or just the 2 of them.  Then, months down the line, they can have ceremony and reception or just a reception in order to be able to celebrate with all of their friends and family! 

If you elope now and party later it truly is the best of both worlds! 

Should I Elope Now, Party Later?

Elope now, party later is a great option in the current cultural environment we are living in.  It allows the space for you to safely distanced from your loved ones and also cultivates a very intimate environment for the two of you!  And then down the road, you are able to embrace that traditional wedding feel of a big celebration.

This is a great wedding option outside of COVID-19, as well!  Many couples will opt for this version of their big day because it creates such an intimate experience for those involved! 

If you are planning on going ahead with your wedding plans, make sure to check out our article on 4 Covid – 19 Safety Precautions to Take on Wedding Day!


Photographer: nataliecahophoto
Florals: Kelly Simpson
Venue: howefarms