Whether it’s weddings, casual dinner parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events, receptions, anniversary parties, retirement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, you name it, Emilei’s planned it. Amongst her friends and family, she is better known as the “hostess queen” and even the smallest of dinner parties become an exciting opportunity for her to put her “event planning skills” to the test, and no detail is left unthought of. Growing up, her mom hosted people in their home weekly and always made them feel comfortable and special, no matter what the occasion was. It was through those memories and moments that her love of people and events began to blossom and, early on, she knew that she wanted to make a career out of creating one of a kind experiences for people where they can come and feel carefree and be “wined and dined”. 


In 2013, she graduated from Lee University with a degree in Public Relations. A few months after graduation, she married her husband, Andrew. They live in Cleveland, TN and have two “fur-babies”, Dizzy and Oliver Lee. After graduation, she worked in mainly corporate jobs while, on the side, broadening her horizon of event and wedding planning. Then, at the beginning of 2020, she came across the opportunity to “dip her toes” into the official wedding planning industry when she became an intern at Wildflower. After a year of being part-time at Wildflower, she decided to leave the comfort of the desk behind and fully immerse herself into her true passion and become a full-time wedding planner within the company. Becoming a part of the team at Wildflower has truly been one of her most cherished moments of her life and career and getting to learn and work with such an amazing team of boss babes has forever changed her life! 


As an enneagram one, when it comes to weddings, her approach is not much different from her approach in her everyday life… to do it with excellence and create a seamless event. An “okay” event is not good enough and she holds herself and her team to very high standards so that the outcome is the best that it can be!! It is her greatest goal for the couple to be able to enjoy their day, feel like royalty and make memories that they could never even imagine. All the while also creating an environment where their friends and family feel comfortable, cared for and leave, never forgetting the couple’s big day and the memories made! Although she would classify her favorite wedding style to be the more timeless, romantic and classic, she loves getting to do all different styles and trends and trying new things with her clients!  Her favorite part of the wedding planning process is when it is time for that final planning meeting and you begin to really see everything come together and take shape. She loves getting into the timeline and creating the most perfect flow for the wedding day and the floor plan… she loves herself a good floor plan;) Her favorite part of the wedding day is getting to spend time with the couple and their bridal party. She loves getting to see everyone’s interactions with one another and those special moments shared between the couple and their people. 

More About Emilei

Coffee Order: 

Nitro Cold Brew… give me all the caffeine please!! 


Favorite type of food: 

I’m a sucker for some good Asian food! 

Although, on wedding day, if time allows,  you can find me at First Watch for breakfast;)) 


Favorite place you have visited: 

I have had the privilege to travel all over the world. I grew up in Germany and while it is ‘home’ and nothing beats it, I would say my second favorite place that I have gone and that I dream about often is Boracay, Philippines. One day I will go back and be reunited with those beautiful white sandy beaches!

Favorite TV show: 

By far, Schitt’s Creek… who doesn’t just love the Roses?!?! 


Fun fact about you: 

I love to sing and in 2013, I had the great opportunity to go and sing at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. 


When you’re not wedding planning, what brings you joy? 

I love being with my people. My favorite moments are usually nights spent at my house with my closest friends, eating good food, laughing and making the most valuable memories together!

Emilei can be reached at [email protected]

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