Meet the Wildflower Wedding Planners!

Meet the Wildflower Wedding Planners!

Wildflower Wedding Planning is dedicated to ensuring that brides enjoy the best parts of planning their big day! Our team of professional planners are committed to bringing each bride's different vision to life and executing it seamlessly! Without further ado, let's meet the beautifully, talented ladies of Wildflower Wedding Planning!


Khloe has always been entrepreneurial-minded and has known she would one day own her own business. After acquiring a degree in Business from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and managing an event venue for a few years she fell in love with equally challenging and rewarding aspects of a wedding day! Now, with eight years in the wedding industry she has loved every second of being involved in elevating events. 

She founded Wildflower Wedding Planning at just 23 years old in 2017! Her goal for starting the company was to help enrich the lives of couples planning a wedding by continuing to improve the process by making it as easy as possible to curate a day they would fondly remember for the rest of their lives! Being a pillar of excellence and at the center of serving others brings her such joy and fulfillment. Her favorite part of the wedding planning process is the design & details that make each and every wedding unique. 

Her role in the company is training and managing all the passionate wedding planners within the Wildflower Wedding Planning umbrella! She recently moved to Nashville, to build a local team there and develop our vendor relationships in this market. Good luck trying to find her sitting still –  she is constantly popping around to other markets to fill any need that may arise to include Chattanooga, Nashville, Atlanta, Knoxville & Birmingham. She also uses her communication and organizational skills as a travel & honeymoon agent. And uses her love of teaching her knowledge of this exciting industry in her mentorship program for other women that have the desire & drive to start their own wedding planning businesses!

When she’s not obsessing over weddings, her life consists of going to hot yoga, catching a live music show, trying new restaurants with friends, and chipping away at her travel bucket list!


More About Khloe

Coffee Order: Sugar free vanilla latte

Favorite type of food: I could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Favorite place you’ve visited: Here in the U.S. I always say my spirit city is San Diego. I love how outdoorsy & laid back it feels when I’m there. Internationally, I just recently fell in love with Lake Como, Italy. It was an absolute dream! 

When you’re not planning weddings what brings you joy: Redecorating my home for the 100th time! 

Favorite TV Show: I just recently finished White Lotus and was obsessed! 

Fun fact about you: I was born into a military family, so I grew up moving from place to place! I was born in Hawaii & I’ve lived in upstate New York, South Carolina, and then to Tennessee!

My background in moving around is the foundation of my love for travel and motivation to see as much of this vast, beautiful world as I can!



Whether it’s weddings, casual dinner parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events, receptions, anniversary parties, retirement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, you name it, Emilei’s planned it. Amongst her friends and family, she is better known as the “hostess queen” and even the smallest of dinner parties become an exciting opportunity for her to put her “event planning skills” to the test, and no detail is left unthought of. Growing up, her mom hosted people in their home weekly and always made them feel comfortable and special, no matter what the occasion was. It was through those memories and moments that her love of people and events began to blossom and, early on, she knew that she wanted to make a career out of creating one of a kind experiences for people where they can come and feel carefree and be “wined and dined”. 

In 2013, she graduated from Lee University with a degree in Public Relations. A few months after graduation, she married her husband, Andrew. They live in Cleveland, TN and have two “fur-babies”, Dizzy and Oliver Lee. After graduation, she worked in mainly corporate jobs while, on the side, broadening her horizon of event and wedding planning. Then, at the beginning of 2020, she came across the opportunity to “dip her toes” into the official wedding planning industry when she became an intern at Wildflower. After a year of being part-time at Wildflower, she decided to leave the comfort of the desk behind and fully immerse herself into her true passion and become a full-time wedding planner within the company. Becoming a part of the team at Wildflower has truly been one of her most cherished moments of her life and career and getting to learn and work with such an amazing team of boss babes has forever changed her life! 

As an enneagram one, when it comes to weddings, her approach is not much different from her approach in her everyday life… to do it with excellence and create a seamless event. An “okay” event is not good enough and she holds herself and her team to very high standards so that the outcome is the best that it can be!! It is her greatest goal for the couple to be able to enjoy their day, feel like royalty and make memories that they could never even imagine. All the while also creating an environment where their friends and family feel comfortable, cared for and leave, never forgetting the couple’s big day and the memories made! Although she would classify her favorite wedding style to be the more timeless, romantic and classic, she loves getting to do all different styles and trends and trying new things with her clients!  Her favorite part of the wedding planning process is when it is time for that final planning meeting and you begin to really see everything come together and take shape. She loves getting into the timeline and creating the most perfect flow for the wedding day and the floor plan… she loves herself a good floor plan;) Her favorite part of the wedding day is getting to spend time with the couple and their bridal party. She loves getting to see everyone’s interactions with one another and those special moments shared between the couple and their people. 

More About Emilei

Coffee Order: 

Nitro Cold Brew… give me all the caffeine please!! 


Favorite type of food: 

I’m a sucker for some good Asian food! 

Although, on wedding day, if time allows,  you can find me at First Watch for breakfast;)) 


Favorite place you have visited: 

I have had the privilege to travel all over the world. I grew up in Germany and while it is ‘home’ and nothing beats it, I would say my second favorite place that I have gone and that I dream about often is Boracay, Philippines. One day I will go back and be reunited with those beautiful white sandy beaches!

Favorite TV show: 

By far, Schitt’s Creek… who doesn’t just love the Roses?!?! 


Fun fact about you: 

I love to sing and in 2013, I had the great opportunity to go and sing at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. 


When you’re not wedding planning, what brings you joy? 

I love being with my people. My favorite moments are usually nights spent at my house with my closest friends, eating good food, laughing and making the most valuable memories together!


Erika moved to Chattanooga with her husband in 2019 from Alabama after getting married! She discovered her love for event planning in college, even though she always believed she had the skills for it. She attended Troy Alabama and received a degree in Hospitality & Event Management. During that experience, she realized her dream of working in the wedding industry was more than attainable. Being a wedding planner is the perfect marriage between hard work and having fun!
Erika’s planning background began in college where she gained years of experience in social / recreational event planning. In 2020, she joined the Wildflower Wedding Planning team to dive into the wedding industry! She is known for having pristine attention to detail and a structured workflow that gives her clients the confidence they need to trust her fully with their big day!

It’s so hard for her to choose her favorite part of each wedding day because each couple is so unique, but she’s definitely partial to seeing the design finally come together, a heartfelt ceremony, and a late-night dance party! Her favorite meeting during the planning process is the final planning meeting because she loves seeing everything come together! Filling in all the blanks makes her heart happy because that’s the moment she’s able to really envision the cohesive wedding day alongside her clients!

Erika loves a variety of styles, but she leans toward contemporary weddings that incorporate both traditional and trendy elements. She gets super excited about designs that tie in lots of florals, personal touches and neutral tones.

She is an ENFJ (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging) personality type. She connects with this description most in her love of being around and collaborating with others. She is very organized and thrives in structured environments. She values the good of others and leans heavy on her feelings. She is very optimistic, passionate and forward thinking with very high standards for herself and others.

More About Erika

Coffee Order:

A latte or cappuccino that is JUST sweet enough but not too sweet!


Favorite restaurant or type of food: 

She’s a lover of all kinds of foods and restaurants, but dessert is always her favorite part of any meal!


Favorite place Erika has ever visited? 

Ireland! It was a surprise trip from her husband (boyfriend at the time) to visit friends studying abroad!

Fun fact about Erika:

She has lived her whole life in the Southeast US, but definitely has the travel bug! So far she has visited 4 foreign countries and 10 US States, and has several more stops in the works!



When Erika is not planning weddings these are the things that bring her joy: 

  • Working as the administrative assistant at her church
  • Meeting up with her friends
  • Traveling to new and exciting places


Kallie is from Nashville, TN and as a child she preferred playing party planner rather than house, which made working with Wildflower a childhood dream come true! She moved to Chattanooga in 2016 to study Communication and Entrepreneurship at UTC. Throughout her time in college she was an employee of Campus Recreation where she was involved in planning and executing campus and community events at the University Rec Center. She was able to develop her planning and leadership skills in Campus Recreation which has given her a great foundation at Wildflower. Upon graduation in May of 2022 is when she joined Wildflower as an intern and has been able to work her way up to lead planner!

What Kallie enjoys most about  wedding planning is seeing all the parts coming together for the couples on their special day! Kallie is passionate about florals during the planning process and loves the magic they bring to the wedding vision!

In her pastime, you can find Kallie listening to podcasts, reading, or hanging out with her friends and family. 

More About Kallie

Coffee Order? 

My go-to coffee order is an iced vanilla latte with oat milk! 


Favorite restaurant or type of food? 

I am a huge fan of Mexican cuisine, please give me all the chips & guac!! 

Favorite place you’ve ever visited?

I love the relaxed and chill atmosphere of Naples, FL!  

Fun fact about you? 

When I was younger I wanted to be an artist and I actually had a piece of my art displayed in the Frist Art Museum in Nashville, TN. I like to think that creativity bleeds into wedding designs!


Ashlee is from Cleveland, Tennessee and moved to Chattanooga after she graduated from Lee University in December of 2017. Ashlee has been with Wildflower since 2019. She has been involved in the wedding industry since she was 16 with her first job being in catering. She has always loved being a part of making someone’s wedding day special. Her favorite part of wedding day is decorating a space to bring out a bride’s personality, and of course, seeing their beautiful smile after.

In March 2021, Ashlee was able to be a Wildflower bride herself at the beautiful Garden in the Gorge venue. Wildflower helped with Month-of Coordination for her big day, so she was able to be present for her own big day. Outside of coordinating beautiful weddings, she loves to travel and explore. She has been to 12 countries and counting! Ashlee is passionate about everything she does, and she will always have a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

More About Ashlee

Coffee Order? 

Iced Caramel Latte with oat milk

Favorite restaurant or type of food? 

Mexican Food!

Fun Fact About You?

I have been to 13 countries

Favorite place you have visited?

Scotland because of the beautiful scenery and rich history, or Qatar because the desert is honestly more majestic than you think. 

When you’re not planning weddings what brings you joy? 

Spending time with my husband and dog


Tucker moved to Atlanta in 2016 to attend Kennesaw State University where she studied Journalism and Emerging Media. She is a people person and discovered her love for event planning in college and in the corporate realm, but the wedding world had always piqued her interest. Attending weddings was just something Tucker always looked forward to as a hopeless romantic, they just feel so magic! 

Tucker joined Wildflower in the beginning of 2022, and has loved learning all things weddings! As a wedding planner Tucker puts her passion and dedication to work by helping Wildflower brides bring their vision to life. She is a great asset to the team – always eager to jump in and help! 

Tucker’s favorite part of the wedding day is the first dance. It is such a special and intimate moment the bride and groom get to experience surrounded by their loved ones. More times than not they make her a little misty-eyed.

As an enneagram type 3, Tucker displays her determination and drive by always giving 100% to every task. She loves helping others and connecting with them, which is her favorite part of the job!

More About Tucker

Coffee Order?

Anything with lavender and an extra espresso shot!



Favorite restaurant or type of food? 

I love trying new foods, but if I had to pick I would choose Italian! 



Favorite place you’ve ever visited? 

New Orleans, LA

Fun fact about you? 

I love to collect vinyl records! I’m pretty proud of my collection.

When you’re not planning weddings what brings you joy?

When I am not planning weddings I am probably doing something with my dog, traveling, or finding new record shops to frequent! If I’m lucky, I will be doing them all simultaneously!


Olivia grew up in Ringgold, Ga, but has lived all over the Chattanooga area from Trenton to Cleveland, where she currently resides. Before moving to Cleveland, she lived in North Carolina with her husband of 11 years, where he was stationed in the Marine Corps – talk about life lessons and growing up – and she was a school teacher. Together they have fallen in love with a simple country life in Cleveland and they are so thankful for their friends, church body, and business connections! Olivia is a mom to an outdoor loving five year old son and has two beautiful Shepard dogs, a gray cat called Luna, and a flock of chickens!

As a long-time planner, event coordinating has been a hobby of Olivia’s. She views it as an honor to be a part of someone’s wedding! The skills and abilities she has to offer with her expertise in planning, but also advice from a frugal perspective, is super beneficial to any couple planning a wedding within a budget. Her whole goal is to take the stress off of you, create, and plan a magical wedding for you and your loved one!

More About Olivia

Coffee Order: Vanilla Bean Latte with Oat Milk

Enneagram Number: Two – The Helper

Favorite Type of Food: I love a good salad, but you will never catch me without some type of carb on my plate! Pass the rolls!

Fun Fact about Olivia: I have a very large blended family! My little sister is almost a year older than my son!

When Olivia is not planning weddings, these are the things that bring her joy: being outside, doodling in her bullet journal or daily planner, reading or studying her bible, or getting coffee with friends!



Jinny grew up in Nolensville, TN and moved to Chattanooga to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Political Science. Following graduation, she moved home to Nolensville, and currently works full time for the State Senate. She’s always had an entrepreneurial drive and takes pride in working towards things she is passionate about. She was immediately hooked after she started with Wildflower in September of 2021! She has been a complete natural and has since grown into the position of an Assistant Planner where she utilizes her skills to help lead planners in helping bring our couples wedding days to life! She is known for complementing the strengths of our lead planners and supporting her team with grace! Her favorite part of wedding day is the moment just before the bride and groom see one another for the first time. The moment is full of so much hope and followed by the greatest joy.

Her favorite meeting during the planning process is the initial planning meeting because she has the opportunity to connect with new couples and hear all about their wedding day dreams! Every minute forward is time for us to make those dreams come true. She is a sucker for a timeless, classic wedding.

Jinny is an Achiever according to most personality tests she has taken in the past. This means she brings an achievement-driven approach to each and every wedding day sure to accomplish any task she sets out to do!

More About Jinny

Coffee Order? 

No coffee for me! Give me a Chick-fil-a lemonade or a decaf green tea all day!!


Favorite restaurant or type of food? 


I’m a big burrito gal! Give me all the forms of Mexican food every day!


Favorite place you’ve ever visited? 


Ambergris Caye, Belize


Fun fact about you? 


I’ve been engaged for over two years, and I’m so looking forward to my wedding in May 2022!!


When you’re not planning weddings what brings you joy?


I love spending time with my family and my dogs! There is nothing better to me than a day spent with them, especially when it’s sunny! 


I also find joy in creating. I’m not especially artsy, but I enjoy making. I spend time sewing, woodworking, baking— you name it, I am determined to create it. 


Our newest Wildflower team member, Myryah, was born and raised in Ocean County, New Jersey. Growing up, she spent most of her time on the mat and became a competitive gymnast. As she grew older and her gymnastics career dwindled down, she found a love for kids and teaching and became a preschool teacher. It wasn’t long though before she realized that her love for gymnastics could be combined with her love for teaching and she took back to the mat
and started coaching gymnastics.

Several years ago, her family moved to Tennessee and she stayed behind in New Jersey to further her career as a gymnastics coach. During COVID, her boyfriend, Christopher, proposed to her during a trip to see her family in the south. It was at that moment, on top of Lookout Mountain that she fully realized the beauty that Tennessee had to offer and she knew immediately that she had to tie the knot here. So, there was no question, she had to plan a destination wedding and in the fall of 2020, Myryah and Christopher got married on a mountainside in Gatlinburg, TN with their closest friends and family around them.

During the planning of her big day, Myryah faced many struggles (as most brides do) but also began to realize how much she loved the creative, fast paced and organizational aspects of wedding planning. After she and her husband moved to Chattanooga, she knew that she wanted to get more involved in the wedding industry and joined the Wildflower team in 2022. Through her determination and dedication to the industry and what Wildflower stands for, she has quickly made her way from being an intern to a wedding assistant!

Now, do not be misled by her small stature, Myryah is often referred to as a “ninja” on wedding days and has yet to meet a problem both mentally or physically that she wasn’t 100% ready to tackle. Myryah’s ability to be adaptable to any situation with her desire to see the big picture and create the most magical day for everyone is what has set her on a fast track to success and growth within the company. She really thrives on being a part of the entire wedding process,
from planning to execution, and loves seeing and being able to implement all of the creative ideas that her couples have.

Myryah’s favorite wedding moments are when you can tangibly feel the love in the air and those brides that successfully incorporate really unique and “out of the box” ideas. She is a firm believer that your wedding day should represent everything that you and your partner are
individually and together!

More About Myryah

Coffee Order? 

Anything vanilla or caramel, but if it is Christmas time, definitely a peppermint mocha!

Favorite restaurant or type of food? 

Anything fast food!

Favorite place you’ve ever visited? 


Fun fact about you? 

She is a bonus mama to the sweetest 9 year old boy, Owen, and she has 3 dogs and 3 cats!

When you’re not planning weddings what brings you joy?

Spending time with her mom and sister, snuggling with her husband and stepson, and loving on all of her fur babies!

We will always pride ourselves on our team and their level of knowledge in the wedding world, outstanding customer service, and network of amazing vendors! We know any of the women above can and will work alongside any bride to create a FUN wedding and planning experience! Join in on all of the excitement, become a Wildflower Bride today!