Our newest Wildflower team member, Myryah, was born and raised in Ocean County, New Jersey. Growing up, she spent most of her time on the mat and became a competitive gymnast.

As she grew older and her gymnastics career dwindled down, she found a love for kids and teaching and became a preschool teacher. It wasn’t long though before she realized that her love for gymnastics could be combined with her love for teaching and she took back to the mat and started coaching gymnastics.

Several years ago, her family moved to Tennessee and she stayed behind in New Jersey to further her career as a gymnastics coach. During COVID, her boyfriend, Christopher, proposed to her during a trip to see her family in the south. It was at that moment, on top of Lookout Mountain that she fully realized the beauty that Tennessee had to offer and she knew immediately that she had to tie the knot here. So, there was no question, she had to plan a destination wedding and in the fall of 2020, Myryah and Christopher got married on a mountainside in Gatlinburg, TN with their closest friends and family around them.

During the planning of her big day, Myryah faced many struggles (as most brides do) but also began to realize how much she loved the creative, fast paced and organizational aspects of wedding planning. After she and her husband moved to Chattanooga, she knew that she wanted to get more involved in the wedding industry and joined the Wildflower team in 2022.

Through her determination and dedication to the industry and what Wildflower stands for, she has quickly made her way from being an intern to a wedding coordinator! Now, do not be misled by her small stature, Myryah is often referred to as a “ninja” on wedding days and has yet to meet a problem both mentally or physically that she wasn’t 100% ready to tackle. Myryah’s ability to be adaptable to any situation with her desire to see the big picture and create the most magical day for everyone is what has set her on a fast track to success and growth within the company. She really thrives on being a part of the entire wedding process, from planning to execution, and loves seeing and being able to implement all of the creative ideas that her couples have.

Myryah’s favorite wedding moments are when you can tangibly feel the love in the air and those brides that successfully incorporate really unique and “out of the box” ideas. She is a firm believer that your wedding day should represent everything that you and your partner are individually and together!

More about Myryah

Coffee Order: Anything vanilla or caramel but if it’s Christmas time, definitely peppermint mocha!

Favorite Restaurant/ Type of Food: anything fast food

Favorite place Myryah has visited: Vermont

Fun Fact about Myryah: She is a bonus mama to the sweetest 9 year old boy, Owen, and she has 3 dogs and 3 cats!

When Myryah is not planning weddings these are things that bring her joy: Spending time with her mom and sister, snuggling with her husband and stepson and loving on all of her furbabies.

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