wildflower wedding planning

Southwestern Boho Wedding

Christina and Miguel wanted something different and unique when it came to a wedding theme.  They wanted something that most people do not think of when it comes to a traditional wedding design, a Southwestern Boho..

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Top 3 Reasons to Visit the Dentist Before Your Wedding

https://youtu.be/9Re6dnkGCm8   Your wedding day is arguably the best day of your life. So, why not have the best smile of your life too?! Today we sat down with Dr. Damien Armstrong, DMD of River City Dentistry to ge..

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4 Steps To Creating The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oSNhlmxXCo&feature=youtu.be Organizing big events can be a total nightmare with all of the logistics and so many people involved. Make that big event your own wedding day and yo..

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3 Things to Discuss With Your DJ Before Your Wedding

So, you're looking at hiring a DJ for the biggest day of your life? You know music is an important part of atmosphere, but how do you know what to talk about with your DJ? Have no fear, we today we've got the low down w..

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a fancy DJ booth set up

Choosing the Right Playlist with ProSound

https://youtu.be/7lwtH2O5Ks8 Music is an absolute game changer when it comes to your wedding day! It sets the tone and gives your day that special feel that really makes the whole day pop! So, it's important to mak..

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